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What is FTM Development?

FTM Development began in the 1980's with the development of several MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) applications for the 8 bit computers of the day. We supplied patch editors, librarians and sequencers to the musicians who were using the then new technology. This was an extension of a retail music business, Fast Tracks Music. The company name and logo still reflect this heritage.

Just a bad link When we switched to IBM PC clones, the need to modify the programming tools led us into building and marketing add-in libraries for the Microsoft family of third generation programming languages for MS-DOS and PC-DOS. These libraries were centered around a suite of screen handling routines that allowed the programmer to keep several screen displays in memory and switch from one to the other instantly, in many ways like the current Microsoft Windows O/S.

In 1989 FTM joined forces with a local consultancy that had a sizeable installed base of accounting packages based on Microsoft and SCO XENIX mostly based on the filePro DBMS marketed by Tandy (Radio Shack).

When many of our clients outgrew the capabilities offered by filePro we moved into the world of PICK, another multi user operating system that dates back to the 1960's. Serving as a beta testing site for PICK Systems (now Raining Data) during the transition from R83 to Advanced PICK/Unix. This change in tools allowed us to implement very large scale systems capable of supporting hundreds of users. An offshoot has been the ability to migrate legacy MultiValue systems from outdated mini computers to modern Unix and Linux based servers.

We now assist clients ranging in size from a one person office to General Motors and with services extending from Law to Manufacturing.

We serve clients in many ways: day to day maintenance; web integration hosting and e-mail services, software and network design and integration; as a 'last resort' when on-site staff exhausts their resources.

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